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Description: Design is a complicated activity that consists of multiple stages, starting from setting goals and analysis leading to the final stages of implementation and the summary of the results. The Design community contains lots of disciplines, the most popular of which are graphic design, architecture, fashion, game design, interior design, software and web design. Graphic design is a sphere where experience is more important than education. This field is very unstable, changing all the time with the arrival of newly developed and more powerful techniques. Web design has gained enormous popularity among design lovers and has become a profitable industry nowadays. A web designer has to be well-informed in the spheres of SEO planning and web development languages, and must be well-read in all new technologies and digital fashions. The flash, for example, which made a website appealing and interesting, is nowadays outdated. Interior design is also very widespread. An interior designer can plan anything from offices to hospitals, and is responsible for selecting colour palettes, furniture, flooring, lighting and artwork. Interior designers have to be well-informed about renovations, construction codes, floor plans and architecture. Industrial design is all about creating objects for industrial and commercial purposes. It has to be creative, interesting for the customer, but also pragmatic. If you are keen on design, friends on Canoodle are ready to share their experience with you! Join the #1 design community on Canoodle and meet like-minded people with the same interests!