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Description: It’s amazing how with an image-capturing device we can capture the most wonderful moments of life and make them memorable for all time. It is often said that a picture reflects the world seen through the eyes of the photographer. Photography is not just an art that requires talent, but a kind of science that needs studying and gaining skills. For example, to take a quality photo you have to know how focus, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO speed, metering, contract and dodging all work. A Photography community fulfills not only an aesthetic and cultural role in society, but also serves for business, scientific, recreational, commercial and even legal purposes. If you're interested in photography and would like to share your experiences, technical principles, forms and types of shooting which you have tried or want to try, meet photography lovers at Canoodle! Here you can also find true photography friends who enjoy taking pictures just like you. Are you looking for a love match? The photography dating community counts thousands of photography singles who are ready to meet you on Canoodle, so finding your significant one will be easy and really fun!