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Description: Delicious, healthy, fresh, full of minerals…Sushi is the best food ever! Don’t you agree? Sushi is a traditional dish cooked in Japan, and its chefs are trained for years to cook the best rolls for you! The general sushi ingredient is rice that is usually covered in vinegar. The other components for sushi can vary but basically they are fresh fish and other sea products. Dating back to the history of sushi, it was introduced as a dish by Hanaya Yohei in the early 1800s. Hanaya presented sushi as a kind of food that was close to fast food. In Europe this food appeared in the early 1900s and since that time this dish has won the love of thousands of people in every part of the world. Today sushi lovers make different types of sushi and try new ways of sushi cooking and presentation. What is your favourite sushi type: do you like Alaska or Philadelphia rolls? Or do you prefer to eat sashimi? If you are ready to discuss everything about this fantastically tasty kind of food, join our “Sushi Community” on Canoodle where you can meet sushi friends and share your favourite sushi recipes. Are you looking for a date? Canoodle is a great place to find a love match among sushi singles, and a sushi restaurant could become a perfect place for spending a romantic date. Start sushi dating and meet thousands people with the same interests as you now!