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Friends Dating

Friends Dating at Canoodle


Turn your friendship into something more

Canoodle brings the possibility of finding people who are interested in dating from connections you already have. Friends of friends could be potential partners. We bring together all these possibilities in order to broaden your dating potentials. You are in control of who you want to chat to, there is scope for finding friends and turning that into something more.


Connect with Canoodle

Utilise your social network connections! Canoodle uses your interests from Facebook in order to match you with others who have a similar lifestyle. These common interests could result in the beginning of a friendship or perhaps spark an initial date. So whether you are wanting to find friends or feelings, Canoodle can assist you in making the search a lot easier.



Private, protected and promising!

Canoodle is a safe way to connect with people as it is controlled by you and is as private as you want! Your personal information will only be used for extracting interests from Facebook and this will be carried out only with your consent. After your interest details are installed, and your profile created, you are set to go. Let the Canoodling commence!



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