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Description: The game of tennis came from Great Britain, where it was known as "lawn tennis" and was played with bare hands. This kind of sport involves two players or can be played by teams. Those two players who play one to one are called tennis singles players; team game players are called doubles players. Tennis is played on grass, concrete, clay or carpet (indoors) surfaces. The Tennis community is various as it includes different categories of players: men, women, juniors, seniors and wheelchair players. Tennis lovers watch the most famous and prestigious Grand Slam tournaments with great interest: the All-England Championships at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the US Open and the French Open. Together with the Davis Cup, Hopman Cup, Olympic Games and Federations Cup they are also known as the tournaments controlled by ITF. It is interesting that Wimbledon is the only event which is still played on a grass court. There are various types of tennis matches: no ad, pro set and match-tie break. It is also known that tennis players have eight basic shots. “Tennis friends” is a unique social dating community on Canoodle that unites all people who like to play tennis, including singles who want to meet a love match with whom to share their love of this game. Start tennis dating on Canoodle and meet people who are interested in tennis just like you!