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Description: Love: there is something mysterious, attractive and amazing which is hidden in this word. Why do people constantly look for love, affection and attachment? People in love, couples and singles think that love is the promise of happiness. What is love? The word itself comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘desire’. Eternal symbols of love are Cupid, a heart and the arrow. However, there are less enduring, but no less symbolic, figures: an apple, which comes as a symbol from ancient Greece, roses, especially red ones, and engagement rings. So many things are associated with love: love stories, romance, candles, family, free love, dating, relationships, friends, kids... A lot of artists, writers and actors have portrayed love in performance, writing or canvas, and the creators of this art have become famous as real love worshipers. Love can be very different in its meaning, from love for friends or family members to love for your favorite band, food or perfume. We can also love community, one’s country or nation, pretty much everything. If you love friends and would like to find new ones, you are welcome to Canoodle, a great place for people who want to make friendships, share interests with like-minded people and have fun. It is also a perfect love dating spot where you can find a love match with similar interests. Come spread your own love – singles and new friends are waiting you here!