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Online Dating Service


New online dating service, let the Canoodling commence!

New online dating website, Canoodle, offers a free dating service for those seeking a perfect match. And they make it even more perfect by matching you with people who share the same hobbies, activities and lifestyle as yourself.


And it's FREE

There are no hidden fees. Canoodle is a free dating service meaning you can chat away without having to pay. There are no time limits so you can spend hours speaking to someone about their hobbies, their favourite film, food.. whatever takes your fancy. At Canoodle we care about you, which is why our online dating service matches people with their common interests.


Find love, for free, right near you

Canoodle's free dating service offers a location- based search. So you can meet your match right on your doorstep. Just put in your location on the map and Canoodle will highlight all those near you, with similar interests to you... nice and easy.



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