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Online Dating



Canoodle, the new online dating site made to find people who have interests like you. Online dating that suits you.


Our mission

The mission of Canoodle is to help people find a perfect partner by using their interests in the most effective way.

Members can easily meet like-minded people online and get to know them better by knowing which music, sports, travel destinations, activities and other countless things they like.



Whether it is music, sports, food, art.. Canoodle matches people by their interests. No longer do we encourage face to face judgement, this is true online dating where you can get to know someone for what they like, not what they look like.


How does it work?

An online dating site which uses location based dating, making it easier to fall for someone just around the corner instead of a thousand miles away. Struggling with confidence to chat? Well don't worry, suggestions of ice breakers mean Canoodle makes it easy for you to start up a conversation with someone who is matched to your interests.

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