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Canoodle Chat for singles

Canoodle is a free dating service based on the common interests people share. As a single man or woman, you are free to chat to other singles and see if there is a spark. At Canoodle, the singles chat rooms provide an environment for great potential. It is both a safe and flirtatious environment. Socialise with like-minded people, find that special someone, or just have some fun!


Chat rooms made for you

In our online chat rooms for singles, Canoodle makes it easy to talk to someone who you find interesting. The interest-based match means that you can chat to other singles who share the same common interests as yourself. With our advanced matching system you are destined to meet someone who you click with!



Connect with other singles at Canoodle

Canoodle is a safe way to connect with great people. The best way, we think, to find good friends and relationships is to find interests and hobbies in common... which is why we created interest- based matching. At Canoodle, we protect and respect your privacy so you can happily chat to other singles without interference. Visit Canoodle today to meet thousands of singles near you, and let the canoodling commence!



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